What Should be Prepared Before Hiring Voice Talent

So you have a project and you need to hire a professional voice actor but have no idea what to do to get started. Read below for some tips to help you and your talent prepare the best final product.

Prepare a Script

It is very important script, or “copy” proofed, approved, edited and ready to share with any voice talent. A script consists of the text that the voice talent will record. You must deliver a finalized version of your script to the voice talent. Script changes after recording has started will most likely incur recut fees.

There is no way you can consider hiring a voice over artist to record voice overs, without a proper final script. Your script should be broken into short numbered paragraphs, or properly formatted to reflect the media it will be used within. Be sure your script is ready, in a proper format and font size before seeking talent.


  • Write like you speak
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Learn from commercial scripts
  • Speak with one voice
  • Keep sentences short but varied
  • Let them read it
  • Pay attention to rhythm
  • Use silence effectively
  • Watch your transitions
  • Edit in phases
  • Calculate the length of segments
  • Decide What Your Project’s Requirements Are

    It is very helpful to know the scope of your project, voice over needs, and be very clear on what kind of voice over talent you’re looking to hire and voice over characteristics, age, sex, etc. The more “direction” you can offer the selected voice over talent, the better your overall experience and results will be on every audition, voice over casting and project.

    It is important to decide what your project requirements are and to convey this information to the voice talent before recording starts:

  • The style of delivery (tone of voice)
  • The pace
  • Format
  • The number of audio files
  • Editing
  • Timing
  • Your voiceover represents you and your company.  Voice over preparation and selection is not the place to cut corners.

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    28 July 2015, 10:41 AM

    You ought to write a book on this. I’d be considered a buyer right away.


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