Tips to Selecting an MC For Your Event

The success of your event depends on its smooth flow and the ability of one activity to move seamlessly into the next. That’s why you should not treat the incredibly important role of the MC as an afterthought. It can mean the difference between your event appearing disorganized and disjointed or memorable and effortless! Here are some tips to help you achieve the latter.

  • Choose someone who can adapt well and has a variety of talents to pull from. The MC should have a solid knowledge of your purpose and mission of the event. This is because you want someone who can offer anecdotes, keep the guests engaged, and know how to keep the event moving even if there is an unforeseen deviation from the agenda. It adds that personal touch that gives everyone the warm fuzzies!
  • Wallflowers need not apply. Trust me, you don’t want to choose the shy guy for this. It can be a pretty intimidating prospect, speaking in front of 100 – 1000+ people. Never mind the fact they are in charge of the overall smooth flow of the evening, trusted to seamlessly connect one activity to the next. Which leads me to the next point…
  • Organization is key. Whomever you choose should be organized. There are a lot of details to consider and while everything may be well planned ahead , the MC will ensure it is executed flawlessly once the microphone is on and all eyes are on them.
  • Your MC is not the entertainment (most of the time). Please don’t make the mistake of trying to roll both jobs into one. These two jobs are equally demanding and if you want your MC to be successful, you will not put the added demand to entertain on his or her shoulders. Luckily for me I am a comedian and if you desire this role I would be happy to oblige but certainly that would be an added bonus!
  • Keep these tips in mind and you will find someone with the right amount of humor, sincerity and leadership to successfully navigate all the activities and details of your event.

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